GrabMoveDrop System

Darthdd - Blueprints - May 14, 2024
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A grab and drop system that can be easily configured by adding custom animations. Very easy to implement into your own project

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    5.2 - 5.4
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Functionality: The system allows player to perform a “grab” action using a user-loaded animation (anim montage).

Configuration Options:

Socket Attachment: Users can specify the name of the socket to which the grabbing actor should attach. 

Attachment Timing: Users can set the time at which the attachment (grabbing) should take place. This allows for precise control over the animation sequence.

Secondary Slot: The system also supports attaching to a second slot, such as the character’s back. This feature adds flexibility for different use cases.


In various projects, integrating this system is straightforward. Users only need to call a single function in their BP_Character (Blueprint Character).

The remaining configuration, including socket setup and timing, is already handled within the BP_GrabMoveDrop on map

User Experience and Design Philosophy:

The system prioritizes ease of use, making it accessible for developers.

Its flexibility allows customization to fit different game scenarios.

Technical Details


  •  Only one blueprint for the user
  •  Only one function to implement
  •  Basic configuration options, such as changing the actor and using custom animations (anim montage).

Number of Blueprints: 3

Network Replicated: (No)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes/No)


Video showing the implementation and demo map:

Important/Additional Notes:

The accuracy of the animation will depend on the user of this system.

Sample animations are from the website

The BP_GramMoveDrop implements the function of being able to use PiontLight, for example, for a lamp, flashlight, etc. There is no problem to similarly add implementations to handle particles, for example, for torches.