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Game SFX Ultimate Bundle - Vol. I

DanielNMartin - Sound Effects - Apr 18, 2024
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Explore in this two-volume SFX library, a diverse collection of over 3000 sound effects, organized into 67 categories, offering unlimited royalty-free use for game developers.

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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

The collection is divided into 2 volumes, and is composed of more than 3000 sound effect tracks in stereo and mono, depending on their nature. It's structured into 67 main categories and 182 subcategories. In total, it contains approximately 7.9 GB of royalty-free sound effects.

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Each sound effect is available at 48 kHz and 16 or 24 bits. The organization uses the Universal Category System (UCS) to ensure clear and straightforward navigation by standardizing file naming structure: CATEGORY_SUBCATEGORY_TITLE_DETAIL. In addition, the terms "Dry" and "Wet" reflect whether the audio is as it is recorded by the microphone (Dry) or whether it has undergone some manipulation in postproduction (Wet).

The library is huge and can be applied to numerous projects of different types, from children's applications, casual games, adventure, strategy or horror.

The package is aimed at both developers who are interested in acquiring a versatile audio library that they can use for various projects and other audio designers interested in creating and designing new sound effects from other pre-existing sounds.

This sound effects library is just the beginning of an ever-expanding library designed to meet the evolving needs of game developers. Enjoy unlimited royalty-free usage rights, allowing you to use these sounds in your projects without worrying about additional fees or licensing restrictions.

Only $50 for +3000 royalty free sound effects with free future updates!



A valuable resource for creating immersive sound experiences across a wide range of genres, highlighting sounds from cartoon, ambience, door, object interactions of various materials, and humanoid and fantastical creatures. With over 1,400 crafted sound effects, organized into 32 categories, offering unlimited royalty-free use for game developers, covering categories such as human, footsteps and magic. You'll be able to bring your game worlds to life.

In addition, this sound effects library includes a small collection of 48 sounds recorded at 96 kHz and another of 273 sounds recorded at 192 kHz. These recordings are designed with the intention of being played back in slow motion (0.5x and 0.25x respectively) or used for designing new sounds. All recordings are available in 16 or 24 bits.

The first volume comprises the first half of the collection, containing 1421 SFX organized into the aforementioned 32 categories:

96 kHz • 192 kHz • Air • Ambience • Animal • Bells • Bullets • Cartoon • Ceramics • Cloth • Communications • Computers • Creatures • Designed • Dirt & Sand • Doors • Drawers • Electricity • Explosions • Farts • Fight • Fire • Food & Drink • Footsteps • Glass • Guns • Horns • Human • Lasers • Liquid & Mud • Machines • Magic

Only $25 for +1400 royalty free sound effects with free future updates!

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Technical Details

  • 1101 original high-quality WAV tracks (48 kHz)
  • 273 original high-quality WAV tracks (192 kHz)
  • 48 original high-quality WAV tracks (96 kHz)
  • 1421 Audio Cues
  • 122 loopable tracks
  • 16 or 24 bits
  • Mono & Stereo
  • 3,88 GB of SFX
  • Unlimited Royalty-Free license
  • YouTube Safe ✔️