Future Adventures Music Pack

Tim Beek - Jul 15, 2021
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A Futuristic Music Pack with a Dark Twist.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.21 - 4.27
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

This Music Pack combines a Synth Sound with Beats.

Making it great for Futuristic projects.

This Music Pack contains 11 Loopable Tracks and 2 intros.

Also added are 31 extra Loopable music files. (No melody and "light" versions)

The 2 intros ("Intro Future Menu" and "Intro Boss Encounter")

transition seamless into the main loops ("Future Menu" and "Boss Encounter")

Audio Preview:



Music Loops:

  1. Boss Encounter (1:20)
  2. Dark Monk (0:51)
  3. Don't Crash (0:48)
  4. Future Menu (0:46)
  5. Intro Boss Encounter (0:10)
  6. Intro Future Menu (0:40)
  7. Level Choice Stage (0:40)
  8. Master Evader (0:38)
  9. Nemesis (1:07)
  10. Orbiting Skull (0:38)
  11. Tech Background (1:04)
  12. The Henchmen (1:04)
  13. Town (1:00)

No Melody Loops:

  1. Boss Encounter No Melody
  2. Dark Monk No Melody
  3. Dont Crash No Melody Light1
  4. Dont Crash No Melody Light2
  5. Dont Crash No Melody
  6. Future Menu No Melody Light
  7. Future Menu No Melody
  8. Intro Boss No Melody
  9. Intro Future Menu No Melody Light1
  10. Intro Future Menu No Melody Light2
  11. Intro Future Menu No Melody
  12. Level Choice No Melody
  13. Master Evader No Melody Light1
  14. Master Evader No Melody Light2
  15. Master Evader No Melody Light3
  16. Master Evader No Melody
  17. Nemesis No Melody Light1
  18. Nemesis No Melody
  19. Orbiting Skull No Melody Light1
  20. Orbiting Skull No Melody Light2
  21. Orbiting Skull No Melody Light3
  22. Orbiting Skull No Melody
  23. Tech Background No Melody Light1
  24. Tech Background No Melody Light2
  25. Tech Background No Melody
  26. The Henchman No Melody Light1
  27. The Henchman No Melody
  28. Town No Melody Light1
  29. Town No Melody Light2
  30. Town No Melody Light3
  31. Town No Melody

[ Format ]

All files: .wav – stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit

[ Support Email: info@timbeek.com ]

Technical Details

Number of Audio Wavs: 44

Number of Audio Cues: 44

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1kHz, 16bit, Stereo, WAVs

Does music loop: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: All Platforms

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes