Resonance Vol. 1: Instruments of Asia

Limit Break Audio - Sep 11, 2020
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Interactive music loops featuring instruments from East, South, and Southeast Asia. Includes example implementation Blueprints.

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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Resonance Vol. 1: Instruments of Asia is a collection of melodic and ambient music loops featuring traditional instruments from East, South, and Southeast Asia alongside orchestral instruments and atmospheric synths.

Listen to full track previews here.

Visit the product website.

There are ten original tracks plus five variations. Some tracks have been divided into smaller modular components to allow for sequencing variation. All loop cues (except Fierce Drums) are comprised of 3-6 layer stems that can be controlled independently for additional dynamic variation. Information for all components can be found in the documentation file.

New in version 1.1.0

Introducing the Resonance Music System! The RMS is a customizable music sequencer that has been tailored for Resonance music packs, but can also accommodate music of similar design. Example implementation has been provided for all tracks.

Example Implementation

  • Try out the new test map with UI widget. Run the map and interact with the buttons and sliders!
  • Example implementation blueprints for all cues. Drop a blueprint into your level and control playback by calling the custom events found in BP_ResonanceMusicSystem.

Technical Details

Resonance Music System Features:

  • Seamlessly stitch together various music components such as intros, loops, transitions, and endings.
  • Create randomly branching music experiences. 
  • Dynamic volume control of instrument layers.
  • Convenient events to trigger music start, transition, and fade out.
  • Easy implementation of additional music.

Number of Audio Wavs: 82

Number of Audio Cues: 29

Sample rate / bit depth: 44,100 Hz / 16-bit

Does music loop: Yes (not seamlessly)

Minutes of audio provided (cues only): 41 minutes

Minutes of audio provided (all files): 189 minutes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Documentation: PDF Documentation