Fabric Materials - 56 4K PBR Pack

RonanMahonArt - Materials - Nov 21, 2018
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56 PBR Fabric Materials - Game and Arch Viz Ready, ideal for both environments and characters. Created at 4K resolution

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.20 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.
VIDEO - 56 Fabric Materials in Unreal Engine

56 unique seamless 4K Fabric Materials derived from scan data and optimised for UE4. These realistic PBR Fabric materials are ready to use in Games or Arch Viz and feature a flexible Master Material. Ideal for both environments and characters alike - the numerous and easy to use parameters help you quickly create lots of variation. 2K and 1K versions of Textures can be accessed using Texture LOD bias (see UE4 doc)

Please note this pack contains 11GB of 4K high resolution textures!

VIDEO - Tutorial of Material parameters

Includes Fabric in the following categories:

Canvas, Corduroy, Cotton, Denim, Felt, Flannel, Fleece, Fur, Jersey, Lace, Leather, Linen, Shag pile, Synthetic, Terry Cloth, Velvet and Wool.

**NEW** VIDEO - Tutorial of Material Functions

Newly added in V1.10 Update - Material Function versions for all materials to allow for easy layer blending.

VIDEO - Catalog of included Fabric Materials

Also includes 4 Showcase Maps with 11 different Fabric static meshes.

Technical Details


  •  1 core Fabric Master Material with optional tessellation variant
  • 56 unique Fabric Materials - each with 15 child Material Instances for a total of nearly 900 Material Instances
  • 505 unique 4096x4096 Textures
  • Material Function variants for entire library - for easy layer blending!

All of the Fabrics support the following:

  • UV manipulation
  • Base Color colorization and Gradient Mapping
  • Fuzzy Shading
  • Normal and Roughness
  • Emissive
  • Specular Level fine tuning
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  • Subsurface Scattering control
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Opacity and Masked Transparency with Dithered Temporal AA
  • Tessellation and Vertex Displacement

PERFORMANCE can be tailored with easy to use Material parameter control. All images shown are of the Fabrics tiled across 200 units @ a Texel Density of 2048ppm.

Specs: i7-8700k, GTX 1080ti

UE4 reports Avg. 65 FPS and 1.9GB mem with the entire collection set in viewport with the following:

  • Textures set to full 4K resolution, all material features enabled, texture streaming enabled

Min Spec: During normal use of the Materials in UE4 (not the entire catalog on screen) this pack should run well on a mid to high end PC or Mac.

Supported Dev Platforms: PC, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4 and XBox One when utilising channel packing

Textures or Materials cannot be redistributed or resold unless as embedded components of electronic/interactive media.