Modular Interiors and Explorer Props

Sierra Division - Environments - Dec 1, 2022

A Fully Modular Interior with Explorer Props for Story driven and highly detailed environments. Motel, House, Hotel? You got Options.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Help us bring education and scholarships to children in Mexico!

2% of all sales from this Explorer's Pack will be donated to "Project Amigo." Education and literacy are powerful keys to enabling a brighter future for the world’s children, who in turn benefit the nations they live in. Your support may one day help a child go on to be an Explorer too.

**Updated November 19, 2023 - To add Staircases and Multiple Stories**

A fully modular Explorers Pack with a motel/home interior, Mayan Ruins, artifacts, survival props and more!

From the team and creator of PurePolygons and Downtown West Modular Packs!


  1. Trailer Video - Showcasing the Demo Scene and Props
  2. Real-Time Run-Through and Environment Overview
  3. Introduction - Folder Structure and Files Overview Video (Uses the same folders and file structure)

- Create hallways, rooms, entrances, and full spaces with these modular interior parts.

- Tons of highly detailed hero props that are ready to be used in 1st Person player experiences or as beautiful props in your story driven environments

- Mayan and Incan Artifacts are based on actual reference gathered from the Riviera Maya region in Mexico

- Daytime lighting setup (Ray Traced and Baked)

- Nighttime lighting Only available in Unreal 5.1 and up (Lumen)


- Modular Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows, and Doors (Entire scene is modular)

- Wrenches

- Table Lamps with and without Lamp Shade (Included SSS and Emissive Maps for Lamp Shade)

- Floor Lamp

- Light Switch and Wall Outlet Sets

- Desk Clock

- Cardboard Boxes

- Pictures and Picture Frames for the wall

- Ceiling Fan Blueprint for Spinning Fan

- Wooden Wardrobe, Desk, and Tables

- Wooden Chairs

- Leather Chair

- Bed Frame / Mattress / Sheets / Blanket with separate and combined versions for your needs

- Old Tire set


- Binoculars

- Compass (Blueprint with Rotating Parts)

- Medkit (Closed and open / with key included)

- Walkie Talkies

- Bolt Rifle

- Matchete

- Flashlight

- Traveling briefcase (Only closed)

- Water Canteens (Lid on and off / with Interior)

- Explorers Journal / Notebook with pages and notes to be spread on desks, countertops and grounds


- Monkey Head (For potions and Poisons with interior)

- Witch Doctor Sculpture

- Stone Tablet (with symbols and carvings)


- There is no exterior included in this set, but the parts are created with exterior faces and separate material IDs so that you can easily build a full interior and exterior from these parts.

Artwork completed in collaboration with Mostafa Sobhi and the Sierra Division Art Team


**Update Logs - January 20, 2023**

All Engine Versions Updated

  • All new lighting (Cinematic and Baked Lighting modes for all engine versions)
  • New File/Folder Assets with updated textures and quality to asset
  • Adjusted scaling to Explorer Props for more accurate representation
  • Retextured the plastic Trash Bin to update the quality of the asset in the scene
  • Created Emissive Textures for the Tall Standing lamp shade for night time version
  • Updated some assets geometry for more accurate model detail
  • Set Default Texture resolution to 2048 for memory (Can be scaled up to 4096)
  • Updated Pinboard papers and textures to make colors and sizes more uniform

Unreal Engine 5.1

  • Night time lighting scenario added


**Update Logs - November 19, 2023**

All Engine Versions Updated 4.27 -> 5.0+ Present Version

  • Set of Stairs and "Second Story" assets added to Modular Kits
  • Half Stair Added / Full Stair Added / Corner Walls + Door entrances without crown molding added
  • Cinematic and Day/Night Lighting scenes have been updated to include a second story + stairs
  • M_Default_Glass_Master Material has been updated with additional features and bug fixes
  • MI_Glass Material instances updated to incorporate updates to Master Material + Bug Fixes
  • Cleaned Project files to remove left over assets

Technical Details


  •  Modular interior walls, ceilings, floors, doors, staircases, multiple stories, and windows
  •  Blueprints for cables and splines throughout the environment
  • Ceiling Fan Blueprint for spinning asset during play

Number of Unique Meshes: 150+

Collision: (Yes) Very accurate collision made with each specific asset in mind.

Vertex Count: 8 Tris - 110,000 Tris (Depending on asset scale and complexity the tri count is adjusted)

LODs: (No) Because most assets are hero props, 1st person props, or interior props seen very close up, these assets do not have LODs. If people can recommend examples and use cases where LODs would be beneficial, we can consider adding them.

Number of Materials: 10 Master Materials

Number of Material Instances: 100+

Number of Textures: 280+ Textures

Texture Resolutions: 128 / 4096 (Most Textures are very detailed at a 4096 x 4096 Resolution, but can be lowered all the way down to 512x512 in most cases of needed for optimization)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)