GVoice supports voice modes such as real-time voice, offline voice message, and voice-to-text translation. It is an essential service for establishing a team voice room and PVP playing method.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.18, 4.21 - 4.23, 4.25 - 4.26

Free for up to 100 daily active users.


With GVoice account you can:

  • Create an independent game/project item for your team
  • Access source code, samples, and console operation guide
  • Access GVoice documentation, SDK library for iOS, Android, etc.
  • Receive technical support from product design team

- Game Optimization: In terms of technology, for the game scenarios, noises will be filtered out, the traffic is small and the latency and power consumption is also low (Android single-core 700MHz CPU's clock peak is less than 3%), the bit rate can be adjusted on its own, and optimization is provided for the game engine Unity3D and Cocos2D, which is compatible with hundreds of Android devices.

- Mass Service Capabilities: It has powerful mass data service capabilities, with 150 million daily active users using the real-time voice, 50 million using the voice message, an average of 200 million voice messages will be generated each day.

- Low Cost: It charges according to the DAU model of voices actually used, the cost is lower than the traditional charging method.

Technical Details


  •  Real-Time Voice: Multiple users can directly chat in real time, it supports four modes: team voice, national voice, range voice and FM voice. Squad voice, free to speak; national voice, user's speaking rights can be controlled.
  •  Voice Message: Players record voice messages and send them to the team, the world, etc. The voice messages can be cached, downloaded, and repeatedly listened to. Voice messages are automatically saved on the server for seven days, and will be deleted automatically after seven days.
  •  Simultaneous Interpretation: Voice message can be transferred to text in a target language so that players in different languages can communicate. The result of real-time voice chat interpretation will be broadcast in target language in team chat.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, IOS, Android

Documentation: 腾讯游戏服务 (tencent.com)

Important Notes: You MUST register before purchasing GVoice to make sure that you download the GVoice SDK and pay the bill properly.