Roy Sousa - Props - May 27, 2024

Firestation 4k, PBR, 95+ Meshes, clean/dirty

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.1 - 5.4
  • Download Type
    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

Introducing my Fire Station asset pack, with over 95+ high-quality meshes. Custom material parameters let you switch between worn and clean versions giving you the flexibility to choose the style you want.

The pack includes two demo levels for instant inspiration or to help you craft a completely unique environment.

Build your scene from scratch or use some of the pre-made blueprint actors to streamline your workflow.


This asset pack contains UDIMS so please enable 'virtual textures'

This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.1+. to find out how to enable lumen in your project please read the unreal engine documentation

Technical Details


  • High-Quality Assets
  • Controllable clean/dirt parameters in Material Instances

Some of the Meshes include:

  • Aircon
  • Axe / Cabinet
  • Bins
  • Boots
  • Boxes
  • Beds
  • Cone
  • Desks
  • Dummies
  • Filling cabinets
  • Fire alarm
  • Fire bucket
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fireman jacket/jumper
  • Firetruck
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Fusebox
  • Gas tubes
  • Helmet
  • Hoses/reels/cabinet
  • kitchen accessories
  • Ladders
  • Litter (papers, newspapers)
  • Lockers
  • Office accessories
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Pipes
  • Radiator
  • Radio
  • Storage racks
  • Tools
  • Trash bags
  • Trolleys
  • Two-way radio
  • Walkie talkie
  • Water dispenser
  • Wood pallet

Also contains various Decals such as graffiti, signs, and dirt and Niagara effects such as fire, sparks, and dust.

Number of Unique Meshes: 105+

Collision: (Yes)

Vertex Count: 4 (Paper) - 24,433 (firetruck and accessories)

LODs: (No)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 150/168

Number of Textures: 510

Texture Resolutions: (1024 (paper), (2048 lamp) (4096 big items)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes), Mac: (Yes)

Tech Demo

If you need help email me directly @ [email protected]