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Cognitive3D: Spatial Analytics

Cognitive3D - Mar 30, 2021

Cognitive3D is a spatial analytics platform for immersive content (VR/AR/MR), providing human performance insights for training, simulation and research.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions

Cognitive3D is a platform that records, measures, aggregates, and analyzes data from VR, AR and MR experiences. Our technology helps brands develop better products, understand spaces in new ways, and carry out training with clearer results. But that’s not all: we’re also creating a language for this type of insight, giving our customers new ways to understand and quantify user behavior. 

This is commercial software, but Cognitive3D does offer evaluation access to the platform for 30 days or greater depending on the developer needs.

Technical Details


  • After-action review: the ability to view a detailed 3D replay of how your user engaged in 3D space, including engagement with controls, rotation and location of HMD, and eye tracking.
  • Object metrics: the ability to see detailed metrics on dynamic objects your users engaged with inside 3D space
  • Objectives: the ability to measure a users burndown and compliance with a process, such as training tasks and work instructions.

Feel free to review the overview of our analytics features for Unreal, as well as our detailed documentation on the dashboard capabilities and outputs.

Supported Devices

  • Entire Oculus Lineup, including Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest 2
  • Entire HTC Vive Lineup, including Vive Pro Eye, Vive Focus
  • Entire HP Lineup, including HP Omnicept based on the HP Reverb G2.
  • Entire Varjo Lineup, including Varjo VR-3 and Varjo XR-3
  • Support for Android-based Standalone Platforms such as Pico Neo 2 Eye

Supported Target Build Platforms: 4.19 - 4.27