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Character Wound System

indvdl software - Blueprints - Apr 7, 2020

Character Wound System let you shoot/hit enemies and create a blood mask where you hit it

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.21 - 4.27
  • Download Type
    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

This system uses a blood mask (texture) used to create blood effects in your characters, you can shoot/hit them in animation or in ragdoll mode. No c++ required, it uses a SceneCapture2D to render the blood mask texture only when a new hit is requested, it have no extra performance cost and no additional draw calls when not adding new hits.


Main Video

Tutorial Video (blood mask method)

Download Demo:



Technical Details


  •  Full body damage system for characters, while playing animations or in ragdoll mode
  •  Uses a texture mask, so it's easy to implement your own blood shaders
  •  All blueprint, no C++ required

Number of Blueprints: 1

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

There are assets created by Epic: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux


Important/Additional Notes:

  • It uses a "SceneCapture2D" for rendering the hit location and an additional "Render Material to RenderTarget" for dilating the blood mask for removing possible UV seams. It only renders when you request a new hit in the mesh, the character shader doesn't have any additional performance cost other than just having an extra texture in your material.
  • It requires your mesh to have a second UV (lightmap UV) that have a full body UV with no overlaping UVs for the blood mask to work. (you need to be able to edit your mesh UVs in a DCC software like Blender or Maya)