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Character Editor

Polyphoria - Characters - Apr 21, 2020

The Character Editor is a ready-to-use character customization system - fitting the technical base of all our products.

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.24 - 4.27, 5.0
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Update V6 - Replication Update is live!

The Character Editor is a ready-to-use character customization system.

See Product introduction for details. It supports integration with our other products, see below.

More Info - Dicord invite via review & mail with your Invoice ID.

*** Metahuman Update December 2021 ***

Added additional anatomy support for Metahumans - basecostumes have been converted to Metahuman tal nrw.

Editor logic is not compatible with Metahuman BP base structure like weight, UI Sliders for Eye variation etc - we are looking into streamline our Ue4 Mannequin with a full release of Ue5. Baseproduct is Ue4 Epic skeleton structure.

Keep in mind the core of this product is developed with the UE4 Mannequin base in mind.


  • Faces come with ~80 Morphtargets - FACS-based morphs ready for facial animations with ARKit
  • Data Assets are used to combine unique characters from different types. Data Assets are split into various child classes like apparel (hats, upperbody, lowerbody etc.) and hairstyles (hair and beards) as well as prepared placeholder attachment and equipment classes
  • Clothing: ~ 27 per gender + 20 for childs.
  • Hairstyles: 7x male, 5x female, 5x child
  • Multiple skeletons are supported Childs are included as well
  • Anatomy Profiles support you to add more RPG-like characters like dwarfes, elves, orcs
  • Basic Wrinklemaps WIP for more believable facial expressions
  • Different skin basetextures + skintint as well
  • Randomize, SaveGame system to save and load customization profiles
  • Thumbnail Studio to help you creating in-game Data Asset thumbnails
  • Light Studio to give you custom light setup inside the in-game editor
  • Morphologies like muscularity, obesity, aging and dynamic size ~160cm to ~185cm
  • 116 Page documentation


Polyphoria Products:

CHANGE LOG See documentation for full change log.

Update V6 - Replication Update Introduced network replication and default UE4 Mannequin for male and female humans.

Update V5 - Metahuman Update Introduced male and female adult Metahuman anatomy. Metahuman Update

Update V4 - Animation Update Introduced updated skeletons, animation support on all skeletal CDAs and anim dynamics tests.

Update V3 - Lighting Update Introduced Light Studio, CDA Loader, hand apparels and compatibility with other products.

Update V2 - Anatomy Update Introduced anatomy and collection system, children anatomies, beard hairstyles.

Anim dynamics support, new hairstyle, updated documentation and base cleanup.

HINT FOR UNREAL ENGINE BEGINNERS You should be aware that our showcase maps in general can be used as a beginner. Though, if you want to extend or customize the Blueprint logic, we recommend advanced Unreal Engine knowledge. We always do our best to support our customers as comprehensively as possible, but please, understand that we cannot help with learning all engine basics.

This lies in your responsibility, but if one or the other question arises, we of course do not immediately refuse to help

Technical Details



Character: 15 Blueprint

Character Parts

~100 SK meshes

204 PBR Textures: Albedo, normal, ORM (ambient Occlusion, Roughness, and Metallic) and tint masks

98 Materials: Including 4 Master Materials for items and hairs

Maps: 1 Overview

Other: UE4 Mannequin with slightly modified UE4 skeleton (added sockets)

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: YES

Rigged: YES

Rigged to Epic Skeleton: YES

Animated: No Animation included

Number of Characters: divided into 71 parts

Vertex counts of characters:

  • naked: ~ 30k
  • face ~10k facial anim rdy
  • Dress ~20k fullbody

Supported Development Platforms: PC,

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes