CDB Datasmith Exporter - Code Plugins - Mar 30, 2021

Quickly and easily load CDB content within the Unreal Editor for geospecific 3D terrain.

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The CDB Datasmith Exporter allows users to quickly and easily load CDB content within the Unreal Editor. Desired sections of CDB are selected within the CDB Datasmith Exporter, built into a Datasmith package, and then imported into the Unreal Editor using Datasmith. Once loaded into the Unreal Editor, users have full access and control of the content, similar to other Unreal assets. With the CDB Datasmith Exporter, users are able to import CDB terrains created by multiple vendors. A user guide is included with the installer explaining each step of the import process.

CDB is an Open Geospatial Consortium standard used to create and consume synthetic terrain information for use in a variety of market segments requiring geospecific 3D content. CDB is becoming a widely adopted geospatial interoperability standard. By using the CDB Datasmith Exporter, you are able to leverage existing CDB content for your specific simulation needs in Unreal.

Development of this tool has been funded by an Epic MegaGrant.

Users will purchase and download the software through the CDB Datasmith Exporter landing page on the website. A Software Licensing Agreement will be required to be signed before purchase. This software has been designated as EAR99, and all U.S. Export Regulations must be followed. Usage of this software may be restricted by country and end use.

Technical Details


The CDB Datasmith Exporter is provided as a software application installer. Once installed, the executable will run as a Windows 10 application external to the Unreal Editor. Please follow the instructions in the User Guide to:

  • Load a CDB terrain
  • View and navigate a CDB terrain
  • Select a section of CDB
  • Export the CDB terrain as a Datasmith package
  • Setup the Unreal Editor scene
  • Import the Datasmith files into the Unreal Editor
  • Update the Unreal Editor project settings
  • Complete the materials setup in the Unreal Editor

The CDB Datasmith Exporter enables users to export CDB terrains to be imported into the Unreal Editor using Unreal Datasmith. The CDB Datasmith Exporter tool is an application for visualizing CDB, selecting an area of interest, and generating Datasmith export files. A CDB terrain may be visualized in either 2D or 3D. Once the export is complete the Unreal Editor may be used to import the content using the Datasmith import capability. This allows the immediate use of the Unreal Editor to modify and enhance the CDB content.

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Supported Development Platforms: Windows 10 x64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Gear VR

Documentation: Extract the zip file CDB Datasmith Exporter The documentation file is CDB Datasmith Exporter v2021.1 User Guide.pdf.

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