Cave Of Tessellation

MaxStudios - Environments - May 14, 2018
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CaveOfTessellation is a modular cave and dungeon system featuring 343 objects and a world aligned seamless Tessellation material system in just 269 instructions including 237 textures

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.19 - 4.27
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Video out of demonstration map

material example video

Vertex editing video

Demo Link

Modular dungeon and cave system which is based on a 5 m grid. The set is composed of 343 objects categorized into dungeon parts cave parts rocks and props. While cave parts are closed objects dungeon parts are actually open objects which just featured interior walls and are supposed to be assembled in a continuous flow of rooms. All objects utilize a special world aligned tessellation material system that creates a seamless highly detailed textured world. 237 textures are included which can be utilized as seed textures for the procedural material system. The material system features also the ability to use vertex painting in order to reshape the cave and objects as well as define where which texture should be additionally to the procedural placement displayed. This gives the level designer the ability to take those hundreds of base objects and create even more variations by sculpting additional details. There is a set of 26 preset material instances included as a demonstration of the capabilities and verity possibilities of the system. But of course, the true number of combinations of all those textures will result in thousands of usable combinations of them with unique looks.

The main use of this set is for high-end games which need closed caves and dungeons. It works well for RPG action shooter games as well as for exploration and horror settings.

Technical Details


  • modular 5m grid based dungeon cave system
  • free-form cave components to create arbitrary rooms and caves
  • tessellation displacement world aligned seamless material system
  • sculpting and editing of visual geometry utilizing vertex painting
  • example light source with light function and visual Torch object (that reference a fire particle system modified version of the start content version)

Texture Sizes:

  •  236 x 4096x4096 dungeon and cave textures
  •  15 different sizes from 128 to 2048 sizes 

Collision: Yes per-poly

Vertex Count: 200 to 20000

LODs: 4

Number of Meshes: 343

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 37

Number of Textures: 249

Supported Development Platforms: PC DX 11

Documentation: see overview, demonstration maps, and comments within materials

Important/Additional Notes: All components of this system have been highly optimized and the main material accomplishes all in 269 instructions. To optimize performance further the material system is only ramping up the tessellation value close to the camera. However it’s advised to have a latest generation graphics card that can utilize the tessellation feature without a performance impact. this pack features high end content please make sure that you have an appropriate system and graphics card ( Nvidia 970 or better )

If you have any questions feel free to write me an email  [email protected] or and discord