Catalyst Component - Dynamic Drag & Drop Fire Propagation/Flammability

Alid0n - Sep 11, 2020
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Drag and drop fire propagation. Make spreadable flames with 2 simple components.

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    4.22 - 4.25
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Uses the flammable component and catalyst component to spread fire to flammable actors and other things in the level marked as flammable. Set up is as simple as adding the component and tweaking the settings to your liking

*Product is still in development, price will raise slightly after the first update*

Technical Details

By adding the Catalyst component to an actor, you are able to set settings that allow the actor to spread. This can be added to any blueprint actor including projectiles and can not only spread to actors with the flammable component, but also actors tagged as "flammable" or with a specified physical material.

The Flammable Component allows you to make and actor flammable and gives settings that go more into detail about how that actor catches fire than a tagged actor does.

Fire propagation can get expensive if there are too many particles active, so there are many settings to combat this such as life, chance to spread, max children, etc. (The example particles used in this project can also be improved greatly since they are just the starter content, especially by using niagara)

There are also event dispatchers in the components that can be called when an event happens. This provides a good foundation to expand on and create your own custom events. Many of the example blueprints show ways these can be used.


  •  Catalyst Component - For flames, lava, and other fire sources
  •  Flammable Component - For flammable actors and pawns
  •  Many example blueprints using each component to help with understanding how it pieces together
  • Example particles and flip book materials

Number of Blueprints:.

  • 2 Components
  • 24 Example blueprints

Network Replicated: (Yes)