Professional Quality Compositing inside Unreal Engine

OffWorldLive - Code Plugins - Sep 5, 2023

A complete solution for professional quality compositing in Unreal Engine with full post-process effects and a media plane which dynamically repositions with virtual cameras

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.2 - 5.3

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The Ultimate Solution for Compositing inside Unreal Engine:

  • Crystal clear media streaming and playback inside Unreal Engine with zero anti-aliasing.
  • Media planes which dynamically reposition and scale in real-time with tracked and moving cameras.
  • Full cinematic post-process effects (particles, bloom, lens flares, dirt masks, chromatic aberration, god rays) in CG layers.
  • Mask/ matte to composite foreground elements with perfect lighting and post-process effects.
  • Highly dynamic Global Illumination with shadows cast from scene onto talent and from talent onto scene.
  • Full reflections of talent on floor or walls and positioning of talent behind transparent materials.
  • Input/ output passes "on-tick" for perfect synchronisation of composited content.
  • Input/ output passes for NDI, Spout and Screen Capture (Desktop and Window).
  • HUD/ UMG input pass for still, animated and parametric overlays.
  • Native Unreal Engine workflow ensures immediate updates to latest Engine versions.
  • Automatic configuration of all elements, no blueprints required.
  • Works with all Unreal tools (nDisplay, Sequencer, LiveLink, Movie Render Queue etc.)

A Free Course: Beginner to Pro Compositor in 10 Easy Steps:

  1. Case Study: Professional Quality Real-Time Compositing in Unreal Engine.
  2. Compositing in Unreal Engine Explained for Dummies!
  3. How to Input Crystal Clear Media for Virtual Broadcast in Unreal Engine
  4. How to Get the Best Results with Keying in Unreal Engine
  5. How to use OCIO to Configure your Input and Output Colours for Virtual Broadcast in Unreal Engine
  6. How to Use Composure for Advanced Colour Grading Control in Unreal Engine
  7. How to Add AR Foreground Elements to a Virtual Broadcast in Unreal Engine
  8. How to Control Level Sequences and Camera Changes for Realtime Broadcast in Unreal Engine
  9. How to Dynamically Change Levels or Scenes for Virtual Broadcast and Filmmaking in Unreal Engine
  10. How to Add Multiple Media Inputs into Composure in Unreal Engine
  11. How to Easily Output Composited Footage from Composure in Unreal Engine
  12. How to Maximise Performance when Real-Time Compositing in Unreal Engine
  13. How to use Ultimatte with your Unreal Engine Composure Workflow

An Open-Source Project to get you Instantly Started Making Content:

The idea is that anyone can download the project and instantly have all the key capabilities required for a VP shoot already set up. You can customize from there...!

Static Meshes/ level building resources:

  • Basic modular level building assets designed to make environment building quick, easy and experimental. Many assets include multiple material slots for optional addition of light strips or variation at user’s discretion.
  • A variety of static meshes to give your studios and environments some unique flavor.
  • Example studios ready to be personalized to your requirements.
  • Example Configs that are fully functional from a media I/O perspective and ready for environments to be built around them. (in progress)


  • Environment building Blueprints.
  • Interactables such as sliding doors.
  • Light rigs such as a standard studio light rig that follows a target point.
  • Camera control Blueprints
  • Composure Config switching Blueprints


  • Level building materials for studio setups and environment design.
  • Customizable decal actors for addition of your own logos to your studio setups.
  • Animated materials designed to be useful for both environment design and artistic flare.

Composure Folder:

  • This folder contains all the assets needed to quickly create a composure composition.
  • Useful transform pass set ups such as ‘ 2 layer comp’ ‘3 layer comp with matte’ and ‘dual screen comp’ for those that use composure these can be quickly selected for very quick comp creation. All input names correlate to names of the composure elements so that you can more quickly switch transform passes.
  • Additional Blueprints that can be added on to composure systems such as a plane aimer BP which ensures the plane always faces the camera both in editor and at runtime.
  • Basic Post Process effects re-worked to be compatible with composure transform passes, these range from utilities such as blur, crop, hue/saturation materials, to more advanced effects like rain drop displacement, or parametric VHS Filters.

Technical Details

Support: We are available for questions on Discord!!!

Documentation: YouTube Tutorials / Readme / Content Creation Series

Code Modules:

  • OWL Cinecam Capture - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Capture Component - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL CG Element - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Matte - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Media Plane - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL 360 Camera Capture - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL 360 Capture Component - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Viewport Capture - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Screen Capture - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Virtual Webcam - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Spout Sender Manager - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Spout Receiver Manager - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL NDI Sender Manager - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL NDI Receiver Manager - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Media Output - In-Editor/ Runtime

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 15

#Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64