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Blockout Starter Pack

Christopher Albeluhn - Jul 31, 2020

A variety of 12 different blueprints that allow to quickly blockout a level

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.22 - 4.27
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

'Blockout Starter Pack' is a collection of 12 different blueprints that allow worlds to be quickly blocked out and tweaked. They're easy to place, quick to update, easily changed to use your own assets, and allows for a variety of options such as twisting of assets using a spline, to customizing a functioning elevator, to interactable doors, placing utility poles, to randomly placing assets within a volume. The blueprints are designed to be quick to place and update as your project goes.

(You can see the elevators working here, and a quick run through of a test level.

Youtube Video

Technical Details

These are the 12 blueprints.

  • Blockout: This lets you place boxes and ramps, and allows you to re-scale them based on an end point.
  • Elevator: This allows you to place an elevator in your level, complete with buttons for the top and bottom to call the elevator up or down.
  • Linear Duplicator: This lets you place down points in the world, and the distance between them will automatically be populated with an asset.
  • Quick Shapes: This holds a variety of basic shapes, and lets you switch quickly between them and set a specific radius or height.
  • Spline Distance Spawn: This allows you to spawn assets along the curve of a spline, either at a specific distance, or based on a set number of assets for the spline.
  • Spline Duplicator: This allows you to deform an asset using a spline, and allows you to scale and rotate each point individually, which in return deforms the geometry.
  • Stairs-Ramp Spline Bend: This lets you place stairs or a ramp in the world, and let you bend the end point to fit the desired location. Scaling in the Z axis adjusts the spline tangent, while the X axis controls the stairs/ramps width.
  • Stairs-Ramp Straight: This is just a cheaper blueprint to use for placing stairs and ramps if they're straight.
  • Decal Spline Duplicator: This lets you easily populate a level with decals using the deformation of a spline. Various options exist to allow for a range of options such as road lines, blood spatter, footprints and more.
  • Doors: This contains a single door and a double door that can be interacted with, or locked.
  • Scatter Box: This is used to randomly place assets using a seed
  • Utility pole: This lets you quickly place utility poles in your scene.