Baseball Pitcher Animated

Code This Lab - Oct 18, 2020
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Baseball Pitcher 3D Model

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The model and its accessories, if any, have been created with 3D Studio Max (2018 version) and imported in the Unreal 4.25 version with FBX 2018

The scene used in the overview map is the Unreal Engine model of the "Automotive, Product Design, and Manufacturing" category, modified in our settings to improve the model.


Texture sizes are from 512x512px to 2048x2048px

All textures are in TGA format


The model has been rigged with 3D Studio Max Biped, with additional bones for the face (eyebrows, eyelids, eyes, mouth, jaw)

The 3D model comes with 13 animations:

  • Catching the ball

  • Catching the ball while walking

  • Idle

  • Idle to throwing

  • Running

  • Running Jump

  • Running to walking without ball

  • Throwing

  • Throwing to walking without ball

  • Walking with ball

  • Walking with ball to idle

  • Walking without ball

  • Walking without ball to running

and a a-Pose

The animations are in place

The animation has been crafted (no motion capture)

You can find the animations on our Youtube Channel

Technical Details


  • 1 a-pose

  • Baseball ball

  • 1 Map (Overview)

  • 1 SSS profile

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: No

Animated: Yes

Geometry: Quads/Tris

The topology is made up of quads and triangles as follows:

  • Player: 11316 polys, 22456 tris, 11794 verts

  • Cap: 1324 polys, 2600 tris, 1419 verts

  • Mitt: 1622 polys, 3244 tris, 1837 verts

  • Baseball Ball: 800 polys, 1584 tris, 794 verts

Textures: Yes

  • Diffuse, Normal, Roughness, Textures Layers and Masks (RGBa channels)

Materials: Yes

  • 9 Materials Parents (Baseball, Cap, Clothes, Corneas, Eyes, Floor, Mitt, Skin, Sphere)

  • 7 Materials Instances (Baseball, Cap, Clothes, Corneas, Eyes, Mitt, Skin)

  • 11 Materials Functions (Checkers, Color Skin, Cotton, Denim, Fabric, Leather, Metal, New Color, Plastic, Shading, Twenty Layer Blend, Wood)

Additional Notes:

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