Ballistics FX

Cubit Studios - Visual Effects - May 11, 2016
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A weapon FX library starting with 93 impact particles (small/med/large impact FX for 31 materials) with more to come. There are also ricochet FX, destruction fragment FX and a grenade launcher with shrapnel.

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    4.11 - 4.27
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    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

Launch Trailer:

1.1 Teaser:

1.2 material interactions:

1.2 Improvements:

If you are making a game in unreal 4 there is a reasonable chance you may at some point feature projectile weapons. Irrespective of your games genre (first/third person, RTS, adventure, anything!) when a projectile impacts something at high speeds you will invariably need impact particle effects.

Version 1.0 has 96 impact particles (small/med/large impact FX for 31 materials) with more to come. There are also ricochet FX, destruction fragment FX and a bonus grenade launcher with shrapnel. Update 1.1 added muzzle flashes/smoke, explosive canister blueprints, shell casing FX, a frag grenade, impact sound FX, a new material and improvements to the existing FX.

To show the FX in action, I have included example pistol, assault rifle and large calibre ammunition blueprints, with an example material system and bullet ricochets. There is also a modified first person template with procedural recoil, basic weapon select/grenade launcher and a bullet time mode. Also included is a demo map with material examples ready to shoot. Of course, how you want to spawn the FX is entirely up to you - completely ignore the demo blueprints if you wish.

Technical Details

Important/Additional Notes: PDF with migration instructions:


• 96 impact particles (32 material types with small/medium/large


• 12 ricochet particles

• 8 fracture particles

• Grenade launcher explosion with shrapnel

• Frag grenade FX

• A first set of decals (which will be expanded upon and improved in


• Impact sound FX for 19 materials and ricochet (also to be expanded

in later updates).

• Modified first person blueprint example with procedural recoil,

fire rate, weapon select - with 3 exemplar weapon settings (pistol,

assault rifle, Hi powered rifle) and a grenade launcher.

• Ammo example blueprints include ricochet, material modifiers, VFX

and Sound spawning with more to come in updates.

• Demo map contains a gallery of materials and destructible meshes to

test the FX.

Platforms Tested: Windows


Important/Additional Notes: PDF with migration instructions:

4.18 onwards Note. Remember to enable the apex destruction plugin in 4.18 onwards in order for the destructible meshes to work.