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Auto Nav Link Generator

Juan EV - Code Plugins - Feb 12, 2024

Editor tool for automatically generating nav links in a level.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.1 - 5.3
  • Download Type
    Engine Plugin
    This product contains a code plugin, complete with pre-built binaries and all its source code that integrates with Unreal Engine, which can be installed to an engine version of your choice then enabled on a per-project basis.

Written documentation | Demo Video

This editor tool will help you setting up your level's navigation links. It detects every edge in the navmesh(es) of your level and automatically creates navigation links based on the given parameters. This tool uses standard features included in the engine (navigation meshes, navigation links, nav modifier volumes), so UE's AI workflow is preserved.

It supports multiple nav agents, meaning that if there are multiple recast navmeshes in the level (one for each nav agent), you can specify which nav agent(s) you want to generate nav links for.

Technical Details


  • Single editor tool window for setting parameters, generating and clearing navigation links.
  • Supports nav links with varying horizontal/vertical distances.
  • Supports multiple nav agents (multiple recast navmeshes per level).
  • Supports nav areas to avoid (using nav modifier volumes), discarding nav links that would end up being generated inside those areas.
  • Supports generating nav links only inside the specified areas (using nav modifier volumes), discarding any nav link that isn't inside those area.
  • Supports obstacle avoidance, discarding any nav links that have an obstacle between the left and right points.

Code Modules:

  •  AutoNavLinkGenerator (Type: Editor)

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 5

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Not included in the build

Documentation: Written documentation | Demo Video