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Ambisonic Environments: City - 1st Order ambiX

DavidWoje - Sep 20, 2021
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An in depth collection of drag ’n drop, Ambisonic 1st Order ambiX recordings. Audio assets you need to create your Urban City vibrant and alive. Good for surround sound of any format, VR, games, documentaries, video, background ambience and more.

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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Ambisonic Environments: City

SoundCloud Examples - (examples decoded to UHJ Stereo as soundcloud doesn't support ambisonics)

Promo Video

An ambisonic recording uses a multi-capsule microphone to capture a spherical representation of sound from a single point. 

Unreal Engine takes these formatted recordings and uses them like any other sound cue...but the difference between traditional stereo and Ambisonics in the Engine is HUGE!

Here is a video of an Unreal project where you will be able to tell the difference between stereo and ambisonics and why you may want to look for ambisonics for your ambient game audio. And another great thing is you don't really need to know about how ambisonics work, they just will with this package. But here's a little snippet of the theory:

B-Format 1st Order is the decoded audio, representing the spherical sound space with 4-channels: W, X, Y, Z: 

• W = Sum of all signals from all directions 

• X = is a figure-8 bi-directional polar pattern pointing forward.

• Y = is a figure-8 bi-directional polar pattern pointing to the left.

• Z = is a figure-8 bi-directional polar pattern pointing up.


1st Order: Records Up, Down, Forward, Backward, Left, and Right all at the same time (Most Game Engines Use ONLY 1st Order)

All formats are 16 bit @ 44 kHz

• 1st Order ambiX (B-Format)

• W, Y, Z, X

All audio assets are LOOP-ABLE

Every asset is loop able, most assets have:

• 1 minute loop

• 2 minute loop

• 3 minute loop

• 5 minute loop

Asset List


Bus Stations

Busy Streets

Inside and Outside Car Ambience

Church Bells

Clubs inside and outside


Distant Highways

Freight Trains


Industrial Areas


Park Fountains





Train Yards

Union Station inside and outside

Footsteps (Grass, Sidewalk, Street: walk, run, turn, jump, land)

Total .wav: 479

Total cues: 494


• Please contact for any questions, suggestions, or personal requests at

Technical Details


  •  Already packaged to drag and drop Spatial Audio assets into your urban environment
  •  479 Assets
  •  230 Minutes of Spatial Sound
  • 494 Total Cues

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes


  • Ambisonics:

  • Visual Examples:

YouTube Visual Examples

  • Audio Examples:

SoundCloud Audio Examples


  • Contact for any comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, or personal requests: