Advanced Photo Mode

AleeZL - Blueprints - Aug 19, 2020

Capture and immortalize your game's best moments with a photo mode and gallery photo viewer. 100% blueprints, with keyboard/mouse and gamepad support.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.25 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

A photo mode in a game is a feature that allows players to capture and customize screenshots of their gameplay experiences. By allowing players to pause the game and manipulate the camera angle, depth of field, filters, and other settings, photo mode offers an opportunity for players to share and celebrate their favorite moments in a game with their friends, family, and online communities.

Implementing a photo mode in a game can provide several benefits for developers. First and foremost, it can increase player engagement and satisfaction, as it encourages players to spend more time exploring and appreciating the game world. Moreover, photo mode can serve as a powerful marketing tool, as players are likely to share their stunning in-game shots on social media platforms, generating buzz and interest in the game.

(2023/05): NEW UPDATE IS OUT!

Preview video (Version 5.0) | Preview video (Version 4.0)

Demo (Version 5.0 - .exe)

Version 5.0 | [UE4.25-5.1] (new)

Documentation (video playlist -- Version 5) | Documentation (written) | FAQ

Version 4.0 | [UE4.25-5.1] (Old)

Documentation (video playlist -- Version 4 - OLD) | FAQ


Integration tutorials:

Integration APMV5 with ALSV4 (ALS default camera -- without spring arm and camera component) | part 2 (fixing the free camera FOV and Rotation)

Integration APMV4 with ALSV4 (ALS default camera -- without spring arm and camera component)


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  • If you are using the default Unreal Engine sky or any other "sky" asset and are having rendering issues (small black dots or the sky not updating while in photo mode), try changing the pause method to 'Use Global Time Dilation', as shown in this video (or this, V4).


  • keyboard/mouse and gamepad support;
  • Three camera modes: player's camera and free camera, player's camera only and free camera only.
  • Choose a maximum distance between the player and the free camera, or leave the camera free without distance limit.
  • Show mouse cursor (on/off);
  • First-person support;
  • Easily add LUTs, post process materials, and logos.
  • Choose the keys/buttons and icons for all actions.
  • Hide UI;
  • Easily change menu icons (keys and other icons).

Technical Details

*The assets and maps featured in "Soul: City", "Train", and "Sample City" are not included. You can download them for free here on the marketplace by searching for their names.

Number of Blueprints:

  • 1 BP component;
  • 4 BP actors;
  • 1 BP function library;
  • 1 BP interface;
  • 1 Save game BP;
  • 9 Widgets BP;
  • 1 Data table;
  • 6 Enumerations;
  • 8 Structures;
  • 1 Font (public domain, Liberation Sans --regular and bold --, can be found here);
  • 13 Simple LUTs;
  • 17 Materials (10 materials and 7 material instances), including 2 material functions and 2 material parameter collections;
  • 80 textures (all made in GIMP as simple icons examples -- feel free to use them in any project!);
  • 1 Demo folder containing the third person template (including one map).


  • Keyboard/mouse and gamepad;

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes