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Live-Streaming Toolkit (NDI, Spout, OBS, SLOBS, VMIX, Video, Audio, Alpha)

OffWorldLive - Code Plugins - Oct 26, 2020

The ultimate solution for live-streaming video and audio to/from Unreal Engine: over-the-network (NDI) and zero-latency (Spout) options, with alpha input/output and direct connection with OBS Studio. 100% FREE for Community use!!!

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.26, 5.0

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This is the ultimate live-streaming solution:

  • Zero-latency (Spout) and over-the-network (NDI) streaming.
  • Works in-Editor and at-Runtime.
  • Works with video, alpha and audio.

Drag-and-Drop Installation:

  • No blueprints required.
  • Live-stream from Unreal in only 3 steps.
  • All live video feeds automatically appear in drop-down lists.

Works with all Unreal Creative Tools:

  • Live-stream video from any Unreal Render Target (Cinecam, Composure, VCam etc.)
  • Capture any Camera/ Cinecam to a Render Target with our custom component.
  • Compatible with nDisplay for multi-panel rendering.

Cinematic Quality and Performance:

  • No cap on resolution or frame rate and no compression.
  • Live-stream multiple simultaneous inputs/ outputs.
  • Multiple GPU performance optimizations (DLSS, Viewport toggle, pause rendering etc.).

Includes 360 degree Camera for VR and Dome output:

  • 360 Camera and Capture component to a Render Target
  • Output equirectangular, domemaster and cube-map projections.
  • Patented bloom algorithm for seamless 360 degree bloom.

Augmented Cinecam Capabilities:

  • Output to a Render Target
  • Alpha output ('Show Only'/ 'Hide Only')
  • UMG for Heads-Up-Displays/ Burn-Ins
  • Render Flag control and output to a Render Target

Full OBS Studio Interoperability:

  • Zero-latency video sharing between Unreal and OBS Studio.
  • Use OBS's broad device and protocol compatibility for Unreal media feeds.
  • Chromakey content in OBS and share zero-latency alpha feeds with Unreal.

Full NDI Interoperability:

  • Works in-Editor and at-Runtime
  • Can send and receive alpha and audio.
  • Compatible with DLSS.
  • No blueprints required!

Full Spout Interoperability:

  • Zero-latency video sharing between Unreal and any Spout program.
  • Use Unreal as the rendering engine for TouchDesigner, Resolume, Isadora etc.
  • Use Notch, After Effects etc. as a feeder pipeline for your Unreal video inputs.

Remote Operation and Control:

  • Use MIDI, OSC and DMX to share data between Unreal and other programs
  • Use Livelink to control your OWL Cinecam while streaming.
  • All Toolkit properties can be controlled via blueprints.

Ready for VTubing:

  • Capture face via Unreal Live-Link face.
  • Send your character as an alpha-feed to OBS etc.
  • Create a custom HUD with live inputs from Twitch.

Perfect for:

  • Virtual Production
  • Virtual Events
  • VJs and Video Mapping
  • VTubers
  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Games Developers
  • Other Content Developers

Technical Details

Support: We are available for questions on Discord!!!

Documentation: YouTube Tutorials / Readme / Content Creation Series

Code Modules:

  • OWL Cinecam Capture - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL Capture Component - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL 360 Camera Capture - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • Spout Sender Manager - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • Spout Receiver Manager - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • NDI Sender Manager - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • NDI Receiver Manager - In-Editor/ Runtime

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 5

#Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64