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VFX Attack Trails

UNF Games - Visual Effects - Aug 6, 2019
4.96 out of 5 stars(159 ratings)
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High Quality VFX Trails

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.20 - 4.27, 5.0
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

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Goals Reached! 

1 New VFX Particle: Corrosion Trail At: 5 ratings -> Update Video <- (Nov 4, 2020)

1 New VFX Particle: Ink Trail At: 10 ratings -> Update Video <- (Nov 9, 2020)

1 New VFX Particle: Wave Trail At: 20 ratings -> Update Video <- (Jan 31, 2021)

1 New VFX Particle At: 30 ratings -> Update Video <- (May 12, 2021)

1 New VFX Particle + Price Increase At: 40 ratings ->Update Video <- (Sep 10, 2021)

 1 New VFX Particle At: 80 ratings (Currently in development!)

1 New VFX Particle At: 150 ratings

*Update* - We are currently working on the updates. Due to the overwhelming response from the people we have to catch up with several updates. Worry not we are working on them!

What do you need for your game to go from great to Awesome? Just some polish on your already existing fun game mechanics and with this asset you get High Quality VFX Trails that will enhance your attacks to a whole new level. And the best part? It's really easy to set up!

Technical Details

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Type of Emitters: CPU, GPU

Number of Effects: 24

Number of Textures: 17

Number of Materials: 27

Number of Blueprints: 00

Number of Meshes: 01

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, MacOs

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, MacOs