Dark Skies Atmosphere

jawadato - Blueprints - Feb 16, 2024
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Create Fantasy and SciFi skies with modular and dynamic Heavenly Bodies.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

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A highly customizable Blueprint system for creating Fantasy and SciFi skies in different visual styles, powered by a modular design which allows multiple independent Heavenly Bodies with unique orbital behaviors and visual appearances. Runtime functions and State Transitions provide the seeds for further complex gameplay behaviors.


  • Heavenly Bodies: Create unique Heavenly Bodies such as stars, planets, moons, black holes etc. Use a texture or a fully dynamic material. Conversely, use an animated 3D model and a render target based material, the possibilities are endless. Automatically supports up to six unique Heavenly Bodies but the system can be expanded to support as many as needed. Create complex orbital mechanics by using vector curves. Heavenly Bodies can automatically light the clouds and change phases amongst many other features.

  • Atmosphere: Change Atmospheric colors and make use of coverage based clouds system. Automatically change the atmosphere based on the position of Heavenly Bodies using Runtime Orbits. Comes with 4 unique styles of clouds coverage textures, each with 2 variations.

  • Space: Make use of stars, galactic center and nebulae. Individually change galactic center dust color, scale and orientation on the sky.

  • Runtime State Transitions: Use Runtime State Transitions to automatically transition between different orbital states, clouds coverage and by association, atmospheric visuals.

  • Runtime Functions: Comes with 26 Ready to use Blueprint nodes that can be employed during runtime to further modify the behavior of the system.

  • Save System: Contains a powerful built in saving and loading solution that can save the system at any state and load it with deterministic results, even the panning textures maintain their state due to the system being built on top of a custom delta time.

  • Centralized: The whole system is controlled by a single actor, making it convenient and easily intelligible.

  • Texture Variations: Major textures are exposed in the main actor allowing usage of custom textures.

  • Examples: Comes with 11 example levels, each with a unique sky setup providing ample demonstration of the capabilities of the system. Conveniently, the examples can be removed without affecting the core system to reduce clutter.

  • Demo Functionalities: Comes with a demo first person character and various demo assets.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 31.

Input: Demo character can be controlled by both Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse.

Network Replicated: No.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows.

Documentation: Link.

Important/Additional Notes: SM5 or above required for Material based Heavenly Bodies, Shader Models below SM5 can still use Texture based Heavenly Bodies. For engine versions 5.0.3 and below, the Enhanced Input plugin must be enabled and the input classes should be set to use the Enhanced Input classes in order for the demo character's input to function. Engine versions above 5.0.3 have the enhanced input system automatically enabled. More details in the documentation.