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Xsolla Login & Account System

Xsolla - Oct 6, 2020

Enable seamless, localized, one-click authentication while keeping user data safe, secure, and under your ownership. Get access to advanced user account management and friend system.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.25 - 4.26
  • Download Type
    Engine Plugin
    This product contains a code plugin, complete with pre-built binaries and all its source code that integrates with Unreal Engine, which can be installed to an engine version of your choice then enabled on a per-project basis.

Authentication System

Verify your players where they play with one-click login via third-party authentication providers like Steam, Twitch, Discord, Facebook, Naver, Baidu, and more.

User Account System

Let your players set up a custom profile with their email, phone number, avatar, nickname, and even link their social network accounts. As the admin, you will be able to manage player account info, reset passwords, assign groups, check a user's age, and more.

Friend System

Your players can easily connect together through our top-tier friend system. They can search for players, get relevant friend recommendations from connected social networks, send and accept invites.


  • OAuth 2.0
  • 1-click authorization with 30+ providers
  • Seamless authentication via Steam client
  • Native social authentication on mobile devices
  • User account management and friend system
  • Custom user attributes
  • Access right management
  • Rate limit, DDoS protection, Cloud Storage
  • Pre-integrated with MailChimp
  • User analytics and reporting

To get started, simply create a publisher account with Xsolla. 

Discord server: join our community

Support email:

See our documentation for more info:

SDK Integration Guide

SDK Source Code

Technical Details

How to migrate SDK to an older version of UE4

High-level Code

Xsolla provides a solid and extensive API for advanced control. General basic knowledge of the game engine is a prerequisite. Easy start with:

  • classes and methods for API calls
  • easy-to-use callbacks
  • components to synchronize GameObjects and Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs)


The included demo showcases one possible example of how the included and distinct Xsolla products work together. Use it for reference only, or as an initial quick start version that you can expand and customize as needed.

Built-in Browser

A built-in browser is provided with this SDK. It allows users to open the payment UI inside the game without an external browser. You can still use an external browser or another solution in your application. The repository exists here:


  • Xsolla Login & Account System is already included as part of Xsolla Game Commerce (XGC). You can download the XGC plugin if you need a broader set of features, but do NOT install these plugins separately.