Twinmotion Importer for Unreal Engine (Beta 2)

Epic Games - Dec 4, 2020

Created by Epic Games, this plugin allows you to start a project in Twinmotion and finish it in Unreal Engine. You will be able to import Twinmotion project files in the UE4 Editor the same way you can import *.udatasmith files. Some limitations apply.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions

Beta Notice:

This plugin is in beta 2 stage and has been updated to support Twinmotion 2021.1.

Download location: Since the plugin is in beta stage, we are providing a download link hosted on our Box drive. Manual installation is necessary:

To help us refining the feature set and solve potential bugs, we encourage you to use the following communication channels:

Discussions: General discussions and questions about this feature will be hosted on the Unreal Engine discussion forums here:

Bug reporting: If you have a Twinmotion file that isn’t importing correctly, share it with us. This form will let you send files to our team:

Survey: After you’ve had a chance to try a few projects, help us understand how well this feature works for you and define our next priorities by filling this short anonymous survey:

Technical Details

Import Workflow:

The workflow, based on Datasmith, is identical to importing *.udatasmith files or CAD files. You will find an additional import format (*.TM) added to the list of files supported by Datasmith.

If you are not familiar with how Datasmith works, please consult the documentation here:

Installation, Usage and Roadmap

Please read this document for important limitations along with instructions on install and usage. It contains expectations on what works, what doesn't and roadmap:

Feel free to use this content for your own project even if you don’t import Twinmotion files.

Note: This is a large download (30GB). Initial loading of these assets will require shaders to be compiled and could take some time.