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Mo-Sys VP Pro

Mo-Sys - Code Plugins - Jun 24, 2022

The complete solution for virtual production with a full suite of creative tools which embed directly in the Unreal Engine

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Mo-Sys VP Pro is a versatile virtual production solution that is utilised by a growing pool of filmmakers, high-end broadcasters, and live event media companies. Mo-Sys VP Pro is a real-time compositor, synchroniser, keyer, and recorder (for video and tracking data), that uses real-time camera and lens tracking data to create all types of virtual production content. Mo-Sys VP Pro captures live tracking data from all Mo-Sys robotic and tracking hardware such as StarTracker and RoboJib. VP Pro has a clever set of tools that simplify and enhance virtual production workflows, making it simpler to achieve the virtual production illusion you’re after.

Technical Details


  • Mo-Sys tracking data over LiveLink for StarTracker and all Mo-Sys robotics and tracking hardware.
  • nDisplay for LED Wall: Receive tracking and lens data in nDisplay.
  • Live video I/O: Automatic configuration of compositing pipeline.
  • Lens distortion: Entirely automated distortion and depth of field for calibrated fixed and zoom lenses.
  • AR mode: Particle effects, glow, depth of field and shadows and reflections with Epic's latest compositing.
  • Chromakey: Internal keying with reflections and volumetric shadows of live-action components.
  • StarTracker configuration: Detect and configure StarTrackers from the Editor.

A wide range of additional VP features are available with the VFX, XR and Studio licenses. See the Mo-Sys VP Pro page for more details.

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Documentation: Mo-Sys Support Centre