WorldScape Plugin - Making real planets and Endless worlds

iolaCorp Studio - Code Plugins - Aug 26, 2021

Unleash the limitless potential of world creation with the Worldscape plugin for Unreal Engine! With its 64-bit precision ClipMap's geometry technology !

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
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    Engine Plugin
    This product contains a code plugin, complete with pre-built binaries and all its source code that integrates with Unreal Engine, which can be installed to an engine version of your choice then enabled on a per-project basis.


WORLDSCAPE PLUGIN brings Clipmap-based terrain technology to Unreal Engine

Create endless optimized PLANETS and LANDSCAPES

Unleash the limitless potential of world creation with the Worldscape plugin for Unreal Engine! With its 64-bit precision geometry technology, you can effortlessly craft infinite flat and spherical worlds for your single player or multiplayer game. The instanced and multithreaded procedural foliage generation will bring life to your terrain with ease.

You can also tailor your terrain by importing 8-bit or 16-bit heightmaps and applying them as decals. The customizable noise-based biome system in C++, realistic lighting for planets, procedural surface materials, and custom gravity for planets provide an even more immersive gaming experience.

Don't wait to dive into the creation of amazing worlds with Worldscape! Purchase the plugin now and explore all the possibilities.

If you want to achieve realistic takeoff and landing experiences in your game without the need for loading or transition screens, this plugin is perfect for you.


🔗 MORE INFORMATIONS : Documentation

🔧 Free support : DISCORD (The price of the plugin is high, if you have problem, we are here to help you.)

📡 Used in : QANGA GAME (SurvivalSandboxSpaceOpera)

Assets Integrations Examples :
  • UltraDynamicSky : Here
  • Ascent Combat Framework v2 : Here
  • ALS Locomotion v4 : Here
  • Oceanology 5 : Here
  • RPG Survival v3 : Here
  • Amazing Sci-Fi Environment and Flying Vol.1 Here / Vol.2 : DEMO'S
  • MGT Gravity Planet Here

Last Update 2.6a 5.4 (Publish 16/06/2024)
  • Update for Unreal 5.4
  • LiveCode with visualstudio ready. ( Now you can directly code your noise, compile, without restarting the engine.)
  • Update PMC to WSMeshComponent with velocity information ( for all Upscaler like DLSS/ FSR)

2 new noises generations :

  • RockyWorlds: Approximation for plate tectonics, and overall gives unique continental shapes for seeds
  • Heightmap Noise: Dedicated noise to go along a heightmap data texture, overall a cleaner functionality from terra noise and more control over the planetaryHeightmap setting in root - big feature break: uses green channel as topography map too add more detailed terrain to places that wouldn't be there otherwise without noise, temperature channel is now driven procedurally by code.
  • added foilage custom data, to allow better blending for landscape coloration or control over foliage appearance in a certain biome
  • Remove dirty retro version code unreal 4
  • Fix, Improve, Refactor all tools

READY for DedicatedServer & ListenServer

Technical Details

  • ClipMap's based terrain technology. View
  • Create infinitely large and tiny flat/spherical worlds.
  • Smart terrain level of detail to achieve maximum performances.
  • Procedural foliage generation through temperature, humidity, height, noise mask, slope parameters and clusters.
  • Noise-based biome system customizable C++
  • Import HeightMaps 8/16bits : View + View
  • Surface Collision : View
  • NavMesh : View
  • WaterPlugin: View
  • Materials Procedural for surface
  • 12 Demo Levels
  • 3 BakerTools
  • All C++ Sources

  •  WorldScapeCore - Runtime
  •  WorldScapeEditor, WorldScapeFactory, WorldScapeNoise, WorldScapeVolume - Editor

Network Replicated: Yes (for DedicatedServer & ListenServer)