50+ Vector Particles

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50+ Particles using custom Vector Fields and Demo room on how to apply them.

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    4.5 - 4.25

Preview: Vector Field Trailer

You get 50+ particles using Vector Fields. All of the particles can be re-purposed for a range of uses. The included demo room is a great place for learning on how to apply Vector fields in new ways.

Designed using Maya 2015 fluid dynamics for my project ABATRON, this set of vector fields is what every FX library needs!

-Energy walls, fields, & barriers

-Vortexes, tornadoes, & weird looking fish

-Ground fire, Flame Jets & walls

-Organic steam and gas flows

-Wormholes and just plain pretty ones

-Local & Global field examples

Buy these and build up your FX library today to create new effects tomorrow! Now, you can obtain this library without messing with Maya or Houdini.

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Technical Details

Designed for Desktop

-52 particle systems

-15 vector field textures