Flowers and Plants Nature Pack

Flowers and Plants Nature Pack includes more than 140 plant species. 760 HQ Static Meshes, of which: 648 flowers and plants; 28 vegetable spline elements; 84 environment models.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.15 - 4.27, 5.1 - 5.4
>Overview information<

Includes more than 140 plant species.

760 HQ Static Meshes:

648 flowers and plants;

28 vegetable spline elements;

84 environment models.

This pack will allow you to create beautiful natural scenes. The advantages of this content are flexible settings of wind and material, interaction with the character, high optimization.

The master plant material allows you to customize a variety of wind parameters: Waves, Swaying, Simple Grass Wind, Shadow Waves and much more.

There is a system of interaction between plants and the character.

The material is structured and contains comments. Description of all parameters in two languages (eng and rus)!

There is a master instance that allows you to change the parameters of plants globally.

High optimization: each model contains 2 LODs, including billboards for some complex models.

Blueprint "BP_Settings", which allows you to globally adjust the wind (speed and direction)

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NOTE: If the scene is lighter or darker, change the auto-exposure parameters in post-processing.

Warning: The landscape or water material included in the content may not be displayed when the "Forward Shading Renderer" is enabled, depending on the versions of the UE4 engine. This is due to some limitations of the render. If you have problems with displaying materials, disable "Forward Shading Renderer" in the project settings.

Technical Details

  • Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
  • Texture Size: from 512*512 - 4096*4096
  • Collision: Yes, custom
  • Triangle Count: on average 1092 per 0LOD, 314 per 1LOD, 91 per 2LOD
  • LODs: Yes, 2 LODs for each model + billboards for some
  • Number of Models: 760
  • Number of Blueprints: 13
  • Number of Material Instances: 579
  • Number of Master Material: 6
  • Number of Textures: 2208 (includes Albedo, Normal map, Metallic+Roughness, AO)
  • Platforms Tested: Windows 10 x64

Tested Platforms and configurations:

PC 1

CPU: i7-3770 3.8 GHz

GPU: Gtx 1060 6Gb

RAM: DDR3 16Gb 1333Mhz

OC: Windows 10 x64

PC 2

CPU: i7-7700K 4.2 GHz

GPU: Gtx 1080ti 11Gb

RAM: DDR4 32Gb 3333Mhz

OC: Windows 10 x64

Demo Scene (Epic Quality) Unlocked fps

PC1: 70-130 FPS Average fps: 80-95

PC2: 100-250 FPS Average fps: 125-130

Demo Scene (Medium Quality) Unlocked fps

PC1:  100-160 FPS Average fps: 105-120

PC2:  120-300 FPS Average fps: 180-190

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