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Photo Mode is a tool, which will give your players an ability to capture screenshots of their gameplay moments.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.14 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4


Photo Mode is a tool, which will give your players an ability to capture screenshots of their gameplay moments.

You can also use it to make stunning pictures of your game, which will help you to promote it.

To use this mode you need to add BP_PhotoModeManager to your player controller and bind keys for "Activate/Deactivate Photo Mode" methods.

When you enter Photo Mode, the time is stopped, so you can fly around and capture even short, but gorgeous moments.

In Photo Mode you can adjust the final screenshot: change Field of View, Depth of Field, apply filters and much more.

You can also easily extend this mode to add your own controls and filters.

To use cinematic DoF in UE 4.23 and above, you need to set post-processing quality to cinematic in engine scalability settings.

Technical Details

Camera adjustments:
- Field of View
- View Roll
- Image Quality
- Hide Player
- Reset All Settings

Depth of Field:
- DoF Intensity
- Focal Distance
- Focal Region
- Auto Focus

Color Management:
- Contrast
- Saturation
- Gamma
- Gain

Tone Mapper:
- Use Film Tone Mapper
- Supersharp Mode
- Slope
- Toe
- Shoulder

Post-Process Effects:
- Vignette Intensity
- Grain Intensity
- Fringe Intensity
- Image Filters
- Filter Intensity

20 Image Filters Available
Full gamepad support
Reset buttons for each slider
Photo Adjustments widget animation
All adjusted settings can be restored after exit photo mode - no need to configure all settings again, if you exit from Photo Mode.
Event Dispatchers - OnEnterPhotoModeDispatcher and OnExitPhotoModeDispatcher - you can bind custom events to them everywhere without a need to implement any additional interfaces.

Default screenshot location is ProjectFolder/Saved/Screenshots.
However, in showcase level, you can read an instruction on how to change it to a custom location.
Two screenshot modes available - default mode, with an ability to take a screenshot with UI, and high-resolution screenshot mode.

Advanced Third Person Player Blueprint with a fully-featured animation blueprint, IK setup for hands, railgun projectile and other things, is included as a bonus.

Number of Blueprints: 12
Number of built-in filters: 9
Intended Platforms: Windows
Platforms tested: Windows
Documentation included in showcase level.

Support email: [email protected]