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Brushify - Country Roads Pack

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Country road splines with textures and additional props. Includes a ready-made example environment. Also includes the Brushify landscape auto material. Use #brushify to support the project!

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.24 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4

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Brushify - Country Roads Pack Showcase Video

Brushify - Beginner Tutorial in Unreal Engine 5


This pack contains 12 Unique Country Road materials & textures created for use with the UE5 spline system.

The Brushify Road material can be applied to any Unreal Engine spline and has Parallax mapping, Soft blending with the terrain and a Distance LOD texture feature to prevent tiling in the distance.


Props include metal barricades, roadworks sign, redirect sign and traffic cones.


The fastest way to build detailed fully playable landscapes. This material allows users to paint multiple biomes with ease across huge landscapes. Each biome is it's own Automatic Paint Layer. There are 11 landscape layers for you to choose from including Grass, Desert, Forest, Snow, Beach, Dunes, Mud, Craters.

Simply apply this material to any landscape and it will be automatically textured and covered with optimized Rocks/Grass which match that biome.

Supports Runtime Virtual Texturing (RVT), Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM), Tri-planar mapping, Tessellation/Height, Roughness, Reduced Distance Tiling Feature, 3 stage Level Of Detail system (Far, Medium and Near), optimized Shader overdraw and Flow mapping.

The entire shader is fully modular in design and functions can be removed and customized in order to streamline the system to your project.


Brushify packs can easily be merged together, in the Epic launcher, click 'Add to project' then choose 'Overwrite files'. This is required because Brushify packs share some generic objects, textures and shaders.

Technical Details


  • 11 unique country road materials/textures for use with the UE5 spline system. Choose from asphalt (5 different variations of road patterns), gravel (4 variations) and concrete (2 variations).
  •  Advanced Roads material with Parallax mapping, Soft blending and Distance LOD texture capability.
  • Includes metal barricades, road signs and traffic cones.
  • Barricades have a spline mesh blueprint
  • This pack contains a ready-made level already built using the Brushify assets.
  • Includes the Brushify Landscape Auto material that automatically textures the terrain as users paint.
  • Automaterial includes 9 Paintable Biome materials Grass, GrassDry, Desert, Dunes, Beach, Forest, ForestDry, Snow, Mud

Texture Sizes: Up to 4096x4096

PBR: Yes

LODs: Yes

Collision: Yes

All meshes include material instances and textures.

Metal Barricades + Spline Blueprint

Red/White Stripe Barricade

3 Traffic Cone variations (Orange, Yellow and Damaged)

2 Road signs (roadworks and redirect)

3 Rock Meshes

1 Grass mesh

Brushify Materials:

Contains Road Shader

Contains Landscape Auto Material (auto textures terrain, paint down multiple biomes, easy material and layer setup)

Contains Near Mesh shader (easily switch assets to different biomes: snow, desert, coast)

Contains Simple Water Shader

Contains Foliage Material

Contains Cloud Shadows Material

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