Starter Materials Pack Generator 01

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Three Materials Generator(Rusty Metal, Wood Tile, Concrete), sbsar

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These materials vary in appearance by changing a few option.

There are three flexible materials: Rusty metal, Painted wood tiles, and Concrete wall.

You can adjust the random shape, the degree of each element. The color can also be changed.

Changeable element

Rusty metal : Rusted state, Brightness, Random seed, Output size

Painted wood : Oldness, Wood color, Paint color, Paint area, Number of tiles, Random seed, Output size

Concrete wall : The degree of destruction, Three types of destruction (up, down, random), Concrete color, Hole, Dirtiness, Random seed, Output size

You can create various textures with a few simple options.

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Update history

1.0.1 Available 4.19

1.1.0 Available 4.15-4.19, Improved quality and calculation time.

1.1.1 Add 3 sbsar and substance player installation for mobile developers.

1.1.2 Available 4.20

2.0.0 Available 4.21, Improved quality and calculation time.

Textures for bitmap users and brightness change value of rust metal added. And add tessellation function.

Technical Details


PBR Materials


Changeable resolution textures (32X32 ~ 4096X4096)

3 Substance materials

18 Material Presets

Tessellation support

3 Sbsar files

Texture Resolutions:

 All Textures 4096X4096

Number of Materials

 1 master materials, 18 material instances.

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: (Yes)

Number of Textures

54 Textures(Base color, Normal, AORMH(Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic, Height))

(For Bitmap_source User)

54 Substance Textures(Base color, Normal, AORMH)

(These are substance textures. You can not extract it in the editor.)

Important/Additional Notes

This pack requires the Substance plugin. 

If you want to get faster production times and better quality results, I recommend setting it as follows.

GPU render(for the substance plugin) in the Project settings > substance.

This product includes Sbsar file and Substance Player installation file. If you do not want to use Substance Texture in your Unreal Engine, you can find these files in Windows Explorer. The path is as follows.

\ Content \ StarterMaterialsPack01_Editable01 \ Textures \ Sbsar \

How to use substance player



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