Economy Kit

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Economy kit features the tools you need for your economy in your game and project, now with trading!

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Economy Kit is the remastered version of our previous pack "Economy Suite".

NEW: The Economy Kit now features trading! Let players trade with each other!

The Economy Kit features new features such as Drag&Drop, Buying and selling in Bulk as well as an improve UI and workflow. We will be creating new features as we reach milestones in our product.

Do you need vendors, handle money, an inventory system that's easy to integrate and that will feature new features in the future? Then get our Economy Kit now!

Disclosure: People who have bought our Economy Suite can request to receive the Economy Kit, free of charge. For this send us en e-mail.

Integration Tutorial:

Technical Details

List of features:
* Built-in Inventory
* Drag & Drop(NEW)
* Shift/Ctrl click for selling/buying bulk(NEW)
* New, better and more organized UI
* Less heavy on performance
* Buying/selling from vendor
* Modular tabs in vendor now possible(NEW)
* Multiplayer supports
* Pickup up money
* Picking up items
* Dropping Items
* Interface calls to easily create functions from the economy API
* Trade with players
* Customizable lock time
* Actors only pick-up able after trade by owner for 60s if inventory was full
* Trade cash between players
* Combined trade worth
* Drag&Drop trading

Platforms intended + tested: Windows

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