Easy Shop Module

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“Easy Shop Module” adds a shop in your project.

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Preview: youtu.be/rYGdEmTVrJY

“Easy Shop Module” adds a shop in your project.

multiplayer support
100% blueprints
easy install
works with any project,inventory and economic system
auto saving of user parameters
drag and drop system
auto saves shopping window position
colour settings in user window

How create category: youtu.be/bZriWsLUMao
How use custom inventory data table: https://youtu.be/C2QiiWGiIZ0
How add new item: youtu.be/V-I6PFkvsnI
How integrate with Action RPG inventory system: youtu.be/OTBf4C8gnxU

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints:
1 - Blueprint Component
1 - SaveBlueprint
3 - Enumeration
3 - Struct
4 - User Widget
2 - Data Table

List of Features (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of your Blueprint):
-adding shop your game
-multiplayer support
-100% blueprints
-easy install
-works with any project,inventory and economic system
-auto saving of user parameters
-drag and drop system
-auto saves shopping window position
-colour settings in user window

Intended Platform: PC Windows 10 64x
Platforms Tested: PC Windows 10 64x
Documentation Included: (Yes\No) Only on YouTube
Important\Additional Notes: Multiplayer Support



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