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Instantly generate Level of Detail for all of your assets at once in 3 easy steps well in reality only 2 steps.

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What makes Auto LOD Maker different from just using the standard UE LOD? For starter's

AutoLOD Maker is not a replacement to the UE4 LOD system, it's a tool. Let me explain. instead of making your LOD's one by one or being limited to not generate LOD's within multiple sub folder's That's where Auto LOD shine's which allows you to do just that & massively in a very efficient way.

By simply selecting the folder's that have your asset's or multiple folder's even if you have asset's in a folder within another folder Auto LOD will search thru them and generate your LOD's, No need to set LOD setting's either, Auto LOD will determine the size of all of your assets and generate the correct distance & reduction for you, making this a One Click solution.

Because your time is precious & we know that you would rather spend your time doing other thing's than sit there and run thru your entire collection of asset's and optimizing them.

Auto LOD also works well with UE's HLOD for further optimization

Auto LOD Maker was made in Blueprint form so that it can easily be used with 

future builds of the engine without having to wait for the developer to update it for you. Also very helpful for those who have little or no C++ knowledge. Easy LOD Maker

Technical Details


  •  Extremely Easy for beginner's & customizable for power users as well
  •  Able to make LOD's for all of your assets at once.(Mega Bulk LODing)
  •  Able to Remove all LOD's at once
  • Make Collisions of your choosing for all assets at once
  • The Tool is Amazing & a must have for any dev looking to speed up your work flow

Overview Video

Number of Blueprints: 1

Input: none

Network Replicated: (not needed)

Supported Development Platforms: (Windows, (MAC should work as well but has not been tested)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (4.21)

Documentation: (Documentation is included in the package located inside AmazingLODMaker folder)

Important/Additional Notes:

LOD generation Performance :

  • For our project we were able to generate LOD's for 10,000 asset's a little under 1.2 min.
  • Our Assets consist of 25,000-48,000 poly's for high res and smaller model's ranging from 8400-16000 poly's.

Tested on:(Mid Spec Machine)

  • i7-7700k 4.20GHZ (Stock)
  • 32GB DDR4-Ballistik Ram
  • 2TB SATA Drive (nothing Special)
  • nVidia GTX1060 SSC 3GB

Note: Some configurations & asset poly counts may vary generation speed, probably not by much.



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