Easy & Efficient Quest Creator

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Plugin provide easy and quick ways to create quest using Custom Quest Graph editor and use Quests in Game in few minutes

  • Supported Target Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions


Quest System is a plugin that lets developer or level designer to create Quests and Events without doing a lot of coding or no coding at all as the plugin supports blueprint also.

Technical Details


  •  Use Node based Graphs to create complex quests and Events
  •  Easily create branching Quests
  •  Decoupled workflow saves time as there won't be dependencies between quest creators and scriptwriters
  • High code re usability
  • Multiple quest tracking feature.

Demo and capabilities of plugin can be seen at youtube*

Code Modules

  •  Quest - Core Run time module
  •  Quest Editor - Editor module

Editors added

  • Quest Graph Editor
  • Branch Editor
  • Event Graph Editor
  • Levels Map Editor

New Editor Assets

  • Quest Graph
  • Event Graph
  • Quest/Goal Details Asset
  • Levels Graph

Number of C++ Classes: 90

Network Replicated: Not yet

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows (Have not tested rest but believe that it supports all platforms Unreal supports as there is no platform dependent code)


  • Guide document can be found at Guide.pdf
  • API document can be found as archive at API docs

Example Project: ProjectArchive

Contact pravinjeslas@gmail.com

* Please note that User Interface provided in video is for demo only



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