Dynamic UMG Minimap

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UMG Minimap that supports both texture or render target, Rectangular/Circular style, Fixed/Rotating, Custom border/Borderless and zoom in and out.

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This is a Widget minimap done in blueprint that can be added to a widget blueprint, you can customize the look and set the default values within the editor.

You can dynamically change your minimap settings in game like enable/disable rotation or border, anything you add to the minimap is customizable (texture/color/size).

Videos: Preview | Tutorial | World Map | Multiplayer

Download Demo Build


The best thing about this minimap is the ability to change anything at runtime, you can change the style of the minimap for example from a circular to a rectangular style, also remove/change the border, Enable/disable rotation etc

You can change the color or texture of anything you add at runtime which gives you the ability to add some cool effects like changing the texture size or color to highlight something in the minimap.

You can also apply a blinking effect which can be turned On/off at runtime with the ability to change the speed of the animation.

You can add tooltips so that when you hover over something it'll show it, you can also zoom in and out with the mouse wheel when you put your cursor on the minimap or overview map.

an example map is included which shows what you can do with this minimap.

Technical Details


  • Circular or rectangular style
  • Can rotate/fixed
  • Zoom in and out
  • Add and track actors location and rotation
  • Add Markers
  • Can be used in Multiplayer
  • Height system (indicates if something is above/below you)
  • Apply blinking effect with custom speed for each thing you add. (You can disable or change the blink/speed at runtime)
  • Add persistent actors that you can always track in the minimap even when they're off screen
  • Change minimap texture in game
  • Make a world map with zoom and drag
  • Show tooltips on hover
  • Change the color/size of anything you add to the minimap at runtime
  • Add/Change/Remove/Resize minimap border in game.
  • Clicking on the minimap will return the world location
  • If an actor is no longer valid it'll get removed from the minimap automatically.

Number of Blueprints: 3 + examples

Input: (Mouse, Keyboard)

Network Replicated: (Yes/No)

Supported Development Platforms: (Windows, Xbox One, PS4)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (Windows, Xbox One, PS4)

Documentation: (Please watch the video tutorial to learn how you can use it with your project, Here's a written guide if you prefer that Click here)

Important/Additional Notes: Please checkout the example map to learn more about the things you can do with the minimap, and don't hesitate to contact me for help.





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