Dynamic Rain

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Fluid motion pseudo simulation system for creating rain, splashes, and other similar screen effects.

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Video preview 1 (short - rain only): https://youtu.be/QvY-s0xXxVQ

Video preview 2 (long - rain and effects): https://youtu.be/9PFkh1ODwbQ


  • Simulation of fluid movement in the screen space;
  • The movement of fluid depends on the movement and rotation of the camera (the influence coefficient can be changed);
  • Dynamic rain intensity (total number of drops per second, triggers to change the intensity in a given area);
  • Built-in splash mechanism;
  • Fluid can be colored - both raindrops and splashes;
  • Splashes and drops may have different viscosity;
  • Two types of simulation: complex and simple (viscosity and water normals are not taken into account);
  • Multiple screen effects options (complex color, additive color, subtractive color);
  • Many customizable parameters allow you to customize the appearance of the simulation and the screen effect as you want;
  • High performance and ease of use;
  • 100% Blueprint, well commented.


  • Raindrop render size fixed;
  • Random Texture for raindrops;
  • Random color variations for raindrops;
  • Random viscosity variations for raindrops.

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Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 3

Number of Interfaces: 1

Number of Materials: 6

Number of Material Instances: 8

Number of Material Parameter Collections: 1

Number of Render Targets: 4

Number of Textures: 5

Example Map: Included

Platform Tested: Windows



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