interactive Meadow Flowers

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This pack contains a high number of wild flowers growing on european grasslands. All plants are photoscanned and fully wind animated.

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This flower foilage asset will make your grass landscapes look more realistic and natural.

A total number of 20 different kinds of flowers are designed and presented in 96 foilage clusters.

For the realistic wind animation a multi hierarchical implementation of the Pivot Painter tool is used.

This results that different plant parts have different animations. (leafs compared to the stem)

For the best possible diversity each flower type is designed with different flowers and dense clusters.

[cinematic Trailer]

[Content Showroom]

[Performance and Interaction]

All plantparts are photoscanned separately and redesigned in a natural looking way.

An individually vertex paint for each part of a plant is helping to increase the realistic animation.

Performance Optimization:

All flower parts are modeled on their own and as compact as possible.

That results in less quad overdraw and less shader complexity. As well as the Pivot Painter Tool will create a more realistic wind animation.

Only one master material is used for all the plants.

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Technical Details


  • multi Hierarchical Pivot painted Wind Animation
  • Individual Vertex painted Plant parts
  • Easy customizable master materials
  • [1] Maps (content showroom)
  • [96] pre-made Foliage Types
  • foliage interaction system with walkpath


  • [1] Texture set in (8192x8192)

Vertex Count: [LOD0 2000-80] to [LOD3 350-18] average [LOD0 400]

LODs: 4

Number of Meshes: 96

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1 Master Material, 96 Instances

Number of Textures: 3 + (192 Pivot Painter Textures)

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC - Xbox One - PS4 - Switch - VR

Platforms Tested: PC

Documentation: Yes [Foilage Documentation] [Performance Profiling Guide]

Additional Notes:

  • This pack is included in a bundle with grasses and ground foilage here: [product link]
  • Not all parts shown in the cinematic pictures/videos are included in this product.

Support: or Discord



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