Dynamic Combat System - Archery

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Third Person Archery System implemented entirely in blueprints

  • Supported Target Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions


Third Person Archery System implemented entirely in blueprints.

Contact Email: szewczykgrzesiek@gmail.com

Preview Video

Video Tutorials

  • Compatible with DynamicCombatSystem (Implementation video)
  • Modifiable/extendable
  • Zoom/Slow Motion systems
  • Doding system
  • Dynamic Targeting included
  • Accurate hit detection (Line traces checking mesh)
  • AI system (template from preview video included)
  • Equipment & Inventory systems (with save/load option)

Technical Details

Number of Animations: 44

  • 29 Locomotion Animations(2 Blendspaces & AimOffset)
  • 15 Additional Animations(Attack/GetHit/Roll etc.)

Number of Blueprints: 107

  • Number of Actor Components: 15
  • Number of Blueprint Interfaces: 14
  • Number of Widget Blueprints: 20
  • Number of Animation Blueprints: 4
  • Number of Behavior Tree Nodes: 12
  • Number of Anim Notifies: 11
  • Number of Item Blueprints: 31

Number of Sound Cues: 9

Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Documentation: Download (Last update 07.02.2019)

Discord Channel



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