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Start to save in one minute or make your savegame system (blueprint able). Lots of advanced features.

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  • Supported Engine Versions


With this plugin you will make your own savegame system. It is highly customizable, have a lots of features and you’ll have an overview of your savegame structure.

Feel free to visit our website (under construction) for more details or to come to our forum and ask for a particular need.

Technical Details


  • Cached datas (serialize without accessing file)
  • Remote serialization (eg SerializeArchive).
  • 4 Levels of control (Instance, archives, elements and deepObjects).
  • User defined instance object.
  • Deep serialization
  • Serialization Events
  • Access and modify objects that are not loaded.
  • BP_DtArchiveMaster contain all settings and information for your system (How).
  • See more...

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC and Android tested (should work on any but HTML)

Documentation: Our website (in construction) contains tutorials and documentation. You can use our step by step tutorials that cover all exposed features in detail, it is related to this project.

Important/Additional Notes : The current version is beta, tested and pretty stable. Feel free to come on our forum before to buy it if you have any questions.



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