Driveable Vehicle : MBT - 90

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Fully functional main battle tank

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Fully working Main battle tank , it has two skins, and fully working turret, realistic sounds of the engine and main - secondary weapons and third weapon mounted on secondary turret.

Working smoke screen.

It has ability to add RPG armor that counts as actual armor if hit.

It can be used in any game or project, the physics of the vehicle is realistic, it have moving tracks, also in project is included destroyed version of the vehicle.

And version with hi more detailed track static mesh

Vehicle is build from scratch.

Breakdown video

( I will update links as son the project is hopefully greenlight for release )

Custom character integration ( please follow instruction no matter which vehicle is in use )

Try it before you get it, if you like it tell me why if you don't like it then especially tell me why i will improve the vehicle.


( I will update links as son the project is hopefully greenlight for release )

Thank you :)

Technical Details

Fully functional main battle tank :

  • Two skins Woodland, Desert camo,
  • PBR textures 4k body, 2k machine gun, 512x512 Lights, damage, etc.
  • Working turret with main gun and secondary weapon
  • Working secondary machine gun
  • Working and improved hud with custom icons
  • Working lights
  • Working health system with localized damage spots ( lights can be shot individually )
  • Working tracks
  • Working smoke screen
  • Realistic sounds engine, weapons, etc
  • Particle effects ( muzzle flashes, smoke screen, track particle effects )
  • Enter exit vehicle at any time or use vehicle without character ( auto posses )
  • Multiple camera location
  • Destroyed version of the vehicle is included
  • Ability to add RPG armor on the vehicle and RPG armor will count as protection

The vehicle is not associated with any real life vehicle, there are no logos or naming of real life vehicle.

Number of Blueprints: One for vehicle and one for destroyed version

Input: Keyboard

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows



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