Driveable Vehicle Pack

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Fully functional vehicle pack, compatible with 4.17 release

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Fully functional vehicle pack, compatible with 4.17 release

*** Update August 2017

- Fixed packaging error
- Some minor optimization

***Update september 2016

By users request added :

- Shake camera on mounted humwee 50 call.
- New engine sound for humwee and APC, old sound still can be used if prefered
- New warning sound to Helicopter when health drop below 10%
- Damaged meshes now will spawn correctly in 4.13 relase

New functions

- Regenereate health
If vehicles are not damaged in 10 seconds they will start regenarte health slowly refresh rate
and how much health will be regenratet can be changed in blueprints.

Drive-able vehicle pack:
• 3 fully functional vehicles made with blueprints
• 3 destroyed versions of meshes
• 4 textures 3 textures 4k for vehicles and one 2k for 50 cal
• Sample sound effects
• Everything is changeable in blueprints

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints:
• 3 vehicles
• 1 custom character
• 3 projectile blueprints

List of Features:
• Fully derivable and destroyable vehicles,
• Wrecked meshes include for vehicles, they are skeletal meshes ( will behave dynamic when destroyed )
• Working weapons
• Basic Health and Hud system
• Switchable camera on 2 vehicles Patria and Humvee
• Fully customize blueprints, user can add custom sounds or custom particle effects
• Basic particle effects : Muzzle flashes, Smoke, Explosions ( can be changed in blueprints )
• Working sound : Engine, Weapons Fire ( can be changed in blueprints )
• Exit and enter vehicles at any time

Intended Platform: PC
Platforms Tested: Windows 7
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes: To enter or exit vehicles user need to set game mode to "Patria game", all nodes that handle exit/ enter for vehicles can be copy to custom character from "FirstPersonCharacter"



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