Dragons Pack PBR

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Dragons w/three heads, multiple back options, and two tails, featuring mesh morphing and more.

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Dragons Pack PBR is a highly detailed package containing Three Heads, Four Back options, Two Tails, & unlimited Texture customization. Tons of Animations bring the Dragons to life, both on land and in the air. Also comes with a Saddle, Reins, & Bridle. Mesh morphing allows for each head and the entire body to be morphed for infinite looks and in-game randomization.

Preview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SczaVWQvktA

Morph targets are included in the .fbx allowing you to modify the physical look of the model, including the ability to create randomly generated versions.

Bonus features include concept art* & sound effects. The sound effects are designed to be played with the Animations. Concept art includes 3 ultra resolution .psd and .png formatted images. Whenever possible, the Photoshop versions are in layers, allowing you to customize the work.

Use the concept art on your website, Steam page, or any other advertising Material.

* BONUS FEATURES (Music, Concept Art, Substance Painter/Designer):

Bonus Features are available for download from InfinityPBR.com -- Please forward me (Andrew -at- sfbaystudios.com) your receipt after purchase and I will register the package to your account for instant downloads. For more information on how to customize Textures & more, please visit: www.infinitypbr.com/unreal.php

Technical Details


  • 3 Heads
  • 2 Tails
  • Fins|Spikes|Carapace
  • Saddle/Reins/Bridle
  • Tons of Animations

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: No

Animated: Yes

Number of characters: 3

Textures: 70

Texture Resolutions: 2k

Materials: 40

Number of Animations: 47



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