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Double precision variables with blueprints!

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Double Precision Utilities is a blueprint function library that allows you to use double precision variables with blueprints. The plugin uses FStrings to pass numeric values to C++ with double precision, and provides math functions such as adding, subtracting, sin, cos, etc.

The plugin also provides utilities for double precision vectors, and provides math functions such as cross products, vector addition, etc.

The plugin comes with a variety of auto cast conversions to help you quickly convert the blueprint doubles to the core Unreal variables you need such as float, FString, FVector, etc.

Technical Details


·   Blueprint library functions for double precision variables and vectors

·   55 math functions

·   5 make functions

·   11 auto conversion functions to convert doubles to other unreal variable types

·   Source code included

Code Modules:

·    One runtime module (DoublePrecisionUtils)

Number of C++ Classes: 2

Supported Development Platforms: Win32, Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win32, Win64

Documentation: Commenting of functions through Unreal comment system. Source Code included.

Example Project:

Quick Start:

The plugin will be placed under the "Blueprints" category. Use the Double plugin like other Unreal variable types. A double variable is called an “UnrealDouble”, and a vector is called a “DoubleVector”.

1.     Create a double variable with a ‘Make’ function or add a variable to your blueprint with one of the double variable types.

2.     Drag a pin off the connector, and you can select from a variety of math or conversion functions.



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