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7 doll characters with Animations, Blueprints, and FX.

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Gameplay video

(Playable demo map included in this package)

Playable Demo

Download (474MB), unzip, 2click Dolls.exe

(In game press ENTER to see instructions and ESC to quit game)

7 doll characters with Animations, Blueprints, FX, and sound. Blueprints include player and enemy characters (Any character can be used as player or as enemy), enemy AI, weapon, and 5 projectiles, jet pack, health, and fuel upgrades. Animations include unarmed running, walking, jumping, armed 8-way running, walking, jumping, and aiming + Jet packing, jet pack running and enemy throwing bombs at player. Health systems for both player and enemy, Widget for player health, body count, bomb loading for certain projectiles, and fuel while jet packing.

Technical Details

-7 characters (+weapon and beach ball are also skeletal)

-Animation Blueprints : player & enemy

-Enemy AI (wonder- search player-attack-follow-go to health upgrade if too much damage-return to action)

-Health upgrade

-Jet packing, Jet pack running when on ground, fuel upgrade for jet packing

-Body Count, player health progress, bomb speed loading visualization, fuel visualization


-Projectiles: Potato (normal type riffle,) Banana (set the bomb speed and let it blast), Flame Thrower, Pear (Homing type missile), and Apple (just a big bomb with mushroom cloud fx).

-9 Particle FX

-Beach ball just to have something extra to shoot at.

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes, - height about 140 cm

Rigged to Epic Skeleton: Yes, but remember these guys have big heads and short and stubby arms, legs, and fingers (if fingers at all), and the height is less than Epics mannequin. So, if the Animation is intended for robotic athlete that the mannequin is, it might not in all cases work with super big headed doll with very short hands and no fingers, for example. Also no twists in Meshes.

Triangles: 1-14568, 2-14095, 3-15890, 4-9148, 5-9278, 6-9647, 7-12947

(+weapon-758, beach ball-1764)


38 in-place + 1 Aim Offset

Number of Textures: 65

Number of Materials, Instances, and MF: 43

Texture Resolutions: 1024-4096

Blendspaces: 5

Blueprints : 33

Particles: 9

Static Meshes: 13

Note: this is a "Create Project/Complete Project" type pack because of input bindings.



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