Digital Elements

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Complex computer sounds, digital electronics, morphs and tech sounding textures are at the core of Digital Elements sound FX collection.

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Complex computer sounds, digital electronics, morphs and tech sounding textures are at the core of ESM's Digital Elements sound FX library. This hand curated volume will allow you to demonstrate digitally oriented, intense, and intricate visuals with ease. Filled with 21st century sounds that are perfect for any futuristic, advanced technology, mystery or sci-fi audio production, and the sounds in the Digital Elements collection correspond and mix extremely well with the ESM's Advanced UI collection.

With over 900 audio assets, featuring a selection of drones, hums, machine loops, robotic servo and hydraulic movements, the Digital Elements sound effects library is particularly useful in enhancing any robotic, mechanical or tech oriented content. Check out the ESM's Digital Elements collection today and complete your audio production tonight.

Technical Details

• 946 files

• 1.14 GB

• All files in .WAV format 44.1k / 16bit resolution

• Custom Designed Multimedia Sound Library

• Unique Textures, Layers, Drones, Particles

• Processed and Synthesized Electricity

• Pulsing Futuristic, Mechanical Surges

• Sci-fi, High-Tech, Industrial

• Robotic Mechanisms and Servo Movements

• Loop-able Loading Screens, Machinery

• Computers

• Specialty Cybernetics, Holographic Elements

• Simple, Moderate, and Complex Sounds

• & More!

Number of Audio tracks: 946

Number of Audio Cues: 946

Sample rate \ bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs

List of included tracks: View list of Contents

Does music\audio loop: No

How many sound FX: 946

How many minutes of audio provided: 93m

Intended Platform: All



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