Dialogue Tree and Quest System

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A complex and flexible dialogue system with additional quest system, allows you to easily create non-linear dialogues and quests.

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Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-JfGz8Cx-I

Dialogue Tree is a multi-functional blueprint-component based system, it can be easily added to any actor, full gamepad and keyboard support, subtle UI can be easily changed, or replaced.
Animation/Sound/Camera slot for each choice or reply. Quests can be created/updated from anywhere and anytime, included simple Quest Journal.
Dialogue Tree is using non-CSV based struct editing, everything is inside exposed blueprint.
Can be added to any Blueprint class and each NPC can have his unique Tree's of conversations.
3 Blueprint Tutorials and 5 example NPC's are included.

Note: Recent 4.14 update not compatible with previous engine versions.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints is 5, +3 tutorial blueprints overall 8, (not counting the BP's from starter pack with them 16)
Documentation is inside Content folder, in PDF file
Intended platforms are (PS4, XBox One, and Windows)
Tested on Windows, UE 4.13 didn't tested on old versions.



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