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A simple system allowing the fast creation of complex dialogs, using only blueprints.

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLkQ35mIND8

A simple blueprint system allowing the fast creation of complex dialogs in the style of what can be seen in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Using specific macros, you can create a complete and complex dialog inside the user-friendly Blueprint interface.

• Ability to play voice-acting and display subtitles.
• Ability to move, teleport, rotate and play animation on any characters of the dialog.
• Ability to switch from a camera to another to create staging.
• Easy creation of complex dialog using Macros.
• Allows dialog between two or more characters.
• An actor with build-in cameras and target points, to quickly prototype your creations.
• Easy dialog implementation using a specific actor.
• Can be easily added to any kind of gameplay (Can be adapted on any support, but registered as for PC/MAC because mouse is used to select choices).

Technical Details

Can be easily modified for consoles and mobile by replacing mouse input.
This system DOES NOT include custom animations, voice-acting or meshes. Those will be yours to bring! It merely allows you to play them in an easy way.
This system does not (yet) support camera animations for traveling pans during dialog. It is however possible to add it.
The dialog interface only uses basic unreal buttons. You may customize it whenever you want.

Intended Platform:
Windows, Linux & Apple.



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